Plenty of fish in the sea,
but we want more personality!

Dating is supposed to be fun, exciting and safe. Chance was created keeping exactly these in mind.
We are personality BAEs! 

Here at Chance, we strive to create a safe and fun community that will change the dating game forever! With all the appearance-first dating apps populating the dating scene, personalities often tend to be saved for later, even sometimes overlooked. Chance stands out with its ‘personality first’ aspect of dating. Because we’re more than just our photos. 

Chance was made keeping in mind the GenZers, the career-oriented, the shy, the nerds, the chatty, the hobbyists, the introverts, extroverts, ambiverts and more. Put your best foot forward! 
For all those who seek to have meaningful conversations with people, Chance is for you!  Forget the superficial small talk and have deeper conversations with your matches.  Personality dating like never before. Because you deserve what dating deserves, a real Chance!